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by Sofia Gazea


well..i made some really good friendships inside and outside of my team..i am really grateful that i met new people!! i got closer with some persons that i already knew..but with the project i learnt them better and i loved them!!! personally, i received lots of love!! and of course i made some ginga friendships out of borders!! all the above thanks to you!!! ❤️❤️❤️ thank you! 🙏

by Marina Denisova


Being the part of this beautiful and meaningful project is a gift itself: it is amazing to feel united with people all over the world, to create this beauty together and at the same time help the charity organisation. I'm happy I could organise so many ladies, their trust and enthusiasm is a big gift for me, too. So grateful to everyone who created this project and the choreo! Thank you

By Maria Maluca


This was truly a really wonderful experience cross borders and cultures. It was exciting, uniting, making friendships and much more. Also it brought the hamburg ladies so much more together and created a beautiful sisterhood. It was a pleasure to create this choreography like a puzzle with my fellow dance ladies and then to see the outcome with so many different flavors, what a blessing! I am very grateful for being part of this project and cant wait to do it again. ❤️Thank you Nemanja Sonero for the initiation of this and bringing us all together

by Victoria Karagiannidou


Τhank you Kizomba World Project for giving us this annual opportunity to unite, enjoy each other & share happiness. We enjoyed the process and we cherish the moments shared & it is really beautiful to see all the teams around the world doing such a great job & sharing their love! We all feel connected by this project! Thank you for making it happen

Paola Uribe

South Africa

I received many gifts indeed and I’m really grateful for all of them❗️❤️ I moved recently from my dance community and students where everyone knew me back my home country and by the time this Flashmob came I was still settling new life in South Africa..This experience brought me really close to so many women living here and from the dance community that got to know me now and I get to know them and share my dance passion, I thought I would be a new and foreign teacher but our team ladies made me feel so part of them, so “included” and it’s priceless, just a blessing!

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