Do you want to become an amazing Leader or Follower inside your dance style? 

If your answer is YES, then you arrived to the right place. 

Learning various techniques and expanding our dance vocabulary is a very important part of our journey. Yet without connection to our partner, the music, the ground, ourselves, it all looses its importance.
Being fully present in the moment while feeling clearly all these elements named above, is the highest form of dance we all strive for.

For that reason we created this course which will guide you into exactly that. A blend of practices, each one teaching an important key aspect. 

By learning and practicing these 6 pillars of connection, you and partner will truly Dance As One.  

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Lesson #1 - The Pyramid Concept

    • Lesson #2 - The V Concept

    • Lesson #3 - Core Connection Modality

    • Lesson #4 - Clear Intention & Grounded Connection

    • Lesson #5 - The Magic Touch

    • Lesson #6 - Dancing As ONE

    • Practice - All Together With Music

    • Dancing As One Manifesto

Nemanja Sonero

Your course teacher

Since young age, i have been passionately devoting myself to movement, and in that journey i have experienced and received the most beautiful gifts of life. Diving into different forms of dances from across Latin America & Africa, there i found my calling, my path, which lead me into an amazing journey of 20+ years teaching across the world. Now i get the chance to share all this knowledge and experience with you all, here on this epic online academy. Together we will dive into this magical dance, this unique way of connecting called Kizomba. "Sun or rain, day or night, just, dance"