Hello gorgeous goddess. 

This program is created to support your growth in all of the aspects of your unique style.

More than 1000 women joined the Ginga Flashmob in the last 3 years and the numbers keep on growing.

This year has invited us to really step into our Power, Freedom & Claiming your full body expression.

We welcome the Goddess in you. 

It's time to Rise

Course curriculum

Each class lasts between 30 and 45 minutes

  • 1

    Paula Loureiro

    • Body Isolation

  • 2

    Macarena Paton

    • How to use arms in Kizomba

  • 3

    Iryna Brasileira

    • Kizomba with Afro Beats

  • 4

    AnaÏs Millon

    • Kizomba Fusion

Paula Loureiro

Co-founder of the dance company and school ALC DANCE STUDIOS.

She started her career in fitness and salsa in 1989. She was a national aerobics champion, couples, in 1992. She has been teaching kizomba classes since 2001. Co-creator of a teaching methodology targeting international interest with teacher training courses since 2013 where more than 500 people from 5 continents were present.

Currently, together with Ricardo Sousa, runs a school in the city Vila Nova de Gaia-Porto ,with more than 1000 students (adults and children), a theme bar called Muxima bar, 2 international festivals (Ta Fixe Kizomba Festival and DMAES Summer Bootcamp) and travels the world for festivals as a teacher and dancer. Teaching ladies styling kizomba classes (Kizomba Flow in ALC methodology) since 2008 .

AnaÏs Millon

Emblematic dancer, choreographer and international trainer of the Kizomba scene since 2009, Anaïs is one of the precursors of the explosion of this movement and its evolution.

Born in France to a Caribbean father and a Norman mother, she was rocked from her childhood by the maternal love of dance, the paternal Afro-Caribbean rhythm.

Since her beginnings AnaÏs fight to reposition women at the centre of dance. With public positions and through her teaching, the reminds the importance of the place of female dancers in couple dance and what they bring to this art.

Macarena Paton

Paton’s interest in dance came through Flamenco at the age of 5. In her early teens she was exposed to different styles of hip hop, where she discovered one of her passions, New style. Since 2013, she has been participating as a professional dancer, performer and teacher, sharing her knowledge and passion for dancing in more than 200 events in more of 40 countries all over the world.

Recently she started developing a sports and dance clothing brand called Dancelife sponsoring well-known artists as Sara Panero, Bersy Cortez, Luís&Andrea or Kike&Nahir

Iryna Brasileira

Iryna fell in love with dancing when she was 8 years old and since then her life completely changed. She became a professional sports ballroom dancer and was competing for many years in Ukraine and across the EU. In 2009 she began her study of social dances where she fell in love with the incredible dance rhythm and music of Latin America and Africa.

Iryinas love for kizomba, semba and Afro house took her to different festivals where she was teaching and performing with her high energy shows. Since 2016 she started organizing "MasterKizz" festival at her home town in Ukraine. https://www.facebook.com/irusya.tysyachnik