Welcome beautiful woman

We created this program for you to develop the expression and movement of your body.

Over 600 women from 44 cities across the world shared their shine in the Ginga Flashmob 2020. 

 We wanted this wave of shine to continue  and created this training for you to go on a journey of Joy, Radiance & Ginga.  

A warm welcome for the Queen in you. 

This is your time to shine

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Ginga Footwork with Sarah Amaro

    • Intro & Class Explanation

    • Warmpup with Music

    • Rhythm Explanation

    • Technique & Sequence Part #1

    • Technique & Sequence Part #2

    • How and When To Use It

    • Choreography with Styling

    • Playing with the Style

    • Outro & Final Words

  • 2

    Kizomba Fusion Choreo with Haroula

    • Intro & Explanation

    • Choreo Part #1

    • Choreo Part #2

    • Choreo Part #3

    • Choreo Part #4

    • Choreo Part #5

    • Choreo Part #6

    • Choreo Part #7

    • Outro

  • 3

    Creative Basics with Maria Maluca

    • Intro

    • Basic 1 - Details & Variations

    • Basic 1 practices ( with music )

    • Quick Quick Slow Traveling

    • Quick Quick Slow Practice ( with music )

    • Basic 2 - Details & Variations

    • Basic 2 practices ( with music )

    • Step Touch - Explanation & Variations

    • Step Touch ( with music )

    • Contra Tempo Footwork - Explanation

    • Contra Tempo Footwork ( with music )

    • Summery ( outro )

  • 4

    Access your most Free & Alive self with Nicole Costerus

    • Intro Explanation

    • Most Free & Alive Self Meditation (Audio)

This course is for you to..

  • Develop your own style

  • Refine your musicality

  • Deepen your confidence

Your Teachers


Sarah Amaro

In 2008 Sarah Amaro join the "Kizombalove Academy" and grew quickly as a dancer and teacher. It is indeed in this school, based in Belgium Sarah have followed a professional training for future Kizomba / Semba teachers (Teacher's course: José N'dongala Kizombalove Methodology).

Since 2011, she always teaches Kizomba & Semba in a professional way but also in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Since 2014, she have the privilege to manage the Kizombalove Academy given to her by their Master José N'dongala.

Maria Maluca

Shortly after starting to dance Kizomba in 2010 she founded “tudokizomba“ in 2011 for Kizomba related events and courses. Since then she has developed a career as a teacher and dancer around the world and is known as a playful, authentic and gingalicious female dancer.

She is focused on Kizomba and Semba and teaches it with high energy, lots of passion. She combines her precise pedagogical methods and knowledge with a lot of joyfulness, which makes her a very appreciated instructor. She dances, and teaches, both roles; leading and following. Maria is also the creator and/or organiser of several festivals including Ginga Kizomba Festival, Piri Piri Festival Hamburg, and ELLA African Rhythms Affair Lisbon.

Haroula Rabaouni

Hara is a dancer, instructor, choreographer and events organizer from Greece. She is one of the owners and directors of the Independance Studios, the biggest dance school in central Greece teaching Salsa, Kizomba, Dancehall, Modern African Dances & Zumba. Together with her partner Antonis she won the 8th Africadancar International Kizomba Championship 2015 in Lisbon.

Also together with her partner, they are the creators of the first methodology for salsa teachers in Greece, educating every year new teachers from all over the country according to their methodology, pedagogy and combinations.

Nicole Costerus

Nicole Costerus is the founder of Women of Ancient Futures. She loves assisting women in opening into a crystal clear intuition and accessing a core confidence. She does so through an alchemy of empowerment, sacred temple arts, ritual, shamanism, mediumship & feminine mysteries.

"In this course I guide you into your most free & Alive self, so you can bring her forward in your dance and in your Life.

I believe that when we have a strong foundation of trust, a crystal clear intuition and an open heart of love we can fully bring forward the fullness of what our soul came here for."