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Together we will

🐉 Build a strong foundation of TRUST

🐉 Open into a deep fulfilling CONNECTION

🐉 Dare to be WILD AND FREE

Deepen your ability to SURRENDER

Grow the CONFIDENCE in yourself

Learn to move AS ONE

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This is for you if you ...

🌀 Are a dancer, mover, student, teacher, creative and loving soul who desires to have a profound connection with yourself and the people around you. 
🌀 Want to become more confident, grounded and clear within yourself

🌀 Wish to explore new layers of 

 Want to explore the power of free movement
🌀 Want to open up to more trust in your self and your partner
🌀 Desire to move from your intuition instead of your mind. 

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Dropping Into our bodies

  • 2

    The Connection Journey

    • Connection #1 - Build a strong foundation of Trust

    • Connection #2 - Deepen your ability to Surrender

    • Connection #3 - Dare to be Wild & Free

    • Connection #4 - Grow the Confidence in yourself

    • Connection #5 - Open into a deep fulfilling Connection

    • Connection #6 - Learn to move As One

    • After process explanation

  • 3


    • Get inspired by my students from around the world

  • 4

    Connection Journey

    • Guided Audio


Master Teacher

Nemanja Sonero

Since young age, i have been passionately devoting myself to movement, music, self development and in that journey i have experienced and received the most beautiful gifts of life.
Diving into different forms of traditional and modern dances from across the world, there i found my calling, my path, which lead me into an amazing journey of 20+ years teaching and sharing my gifts.
Now i get the chance to share all this knowledge and experience with you all, here on this beautiful online academy.

Together we will dive into the magic of dance, movement and connection. "Sun or rain, day or night, just, dance".

Warm dance hugs


  • Who is this course for ?

    This course is for you if you wish to create a deeper connection to yourself and your partner.

  • Do I have to be a dancer to do this course?

    No you do not have to be a dancer to create a beautiful connection to your partner. I have done this practice with people who dance their whole lives and with people who never ever danced before and every time it was truly magical.

  • How many times do I need to do this course to master it?

    The more you practice this with others, the better you get at it. Each next experience will reveal something new and support you in diving deeper and deeper. It is about the journey, not the destination.

  • When do I get access to the course?

    Once you sign in, the course content will open on the 9. november. After that you will have full access to all the content.

  • For how long do I have the access to the content ?

    Once you join the course, you will have a lifetime access to it. You will be able to go back to it any moment you desire and continue deepening this practice.

Connection is a language of energy between two souls.

A journey which takes you into the most magical places.

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