You being here means that you love dancing and you've probably experienced the joy, connection & freedom it can bring. 

Here at the World Kizomba Project we look a bit deeper into these qualities and offer not only a place of dance, but one of empowerment and community

Our offerings support you in finding your own expression and feeling confident so you can share your shine with the world.

I want to unite the global Kizomba community

My name is Nemanja Sonero, founder of the World Kizomba Project. Dancing & music made me the man I am today. It brought me joy, connection & freedom. For me dance is the perfect blend of community & empowerment and this is what the World Kizomba Project stands for.

At the beginning of 2018 I felt the wish to connect Kizomba dancers from all over the world. The same year 104 cities joined in the first World Kizomba Day flashmob. This made it clear for me that the longing for community & connection is shared by many.

Im looking forward to meet you in one of our events.

Much love, Nemanja

The World Kizomba Project offers

  • International Flashmobs

  • Online courses

  • World Kizomba Podcast

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GINGA Flashmob 2020

600+ women from 38 cities across the world joined us this year

Some of the worlds most renowned teachers we collaborated with

Each year World Kizomba Project supports a charity


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