Self Healing

Movement Epigenetics 

Yesterday i woke up with my right hand wrist in high level of pain with 30% of functional usage. It would hurt in certain spots when touched or bent, and spasm contractions when pushing or squeezing anything with my fingers. As it was hurting as F., during the classes i decided to use the flexible bandage, but then felt clearly my intuition telling me this approach does not serve me.
The deep body intelligence is a fully conscious part given to us all. As long as we tap into it with full awareness, the access to that source will be wide open.

The last few years i started passionately to explore body self healing on different levels by tuning into that vibration and the location of the desired area, i decided last night to do exactly that.
I took of the fixating bandage off and felt that spot by visualising the deep tissue, the muscles around it, tendons, ligaments, bones, blood vessels, and with that consciousness i started creating movements with my fingers from smaller to big, a whole pallet range of motion. The wrists started intuitively rotating, opening and closing, stretching, like google maps it knew exactly where to go and how to move with the goal of reaching its destination if the shortest and most effective way possible.

After 6h of sleep, i woke up with 97% operational hand and no pain. The fascinating part is that i felt it fully healed, yet due to my freshly experienced few hours ago pain, that 3% was re-living part of that experience even tho it was not there anymore. I got up, started moving my hand again in different directions connecting to it, trusting its ancient strength and wisdom, and in an instant it became 100% present and functional like nothing ever happen.

“Stillness" can be short term momentarily solution for the body in these situations depending on the injury, but for me, it has nothing on Conscious Mobility.
A cross-pollination of deep breaths which bring more oxygen into your body, making the red blood cells run through you with with the speed of a space rocket, it turns us alkaline which is our natural state of being.
In synergy with deep visualising and clear intention, the intuitive movement begins and the healing takes place.

Through time i also discovered that body is the unconscious or the conscious mind. It creates habits through repetitions of what we focus our energy on.
Emotional experiences of any form from the past can be re-lived in the body as if they are happening again if the mind becomes our master and not us the masters of our mind.
The trick is to bypass and reprogram the mind through mediation and other practices, while visualising the future and the desired emotion, therefore installing a new software so our hardware responds accordingly.
Same technique i used with my hand, and many other body parts in the past.
Nature has given us all the tools to heal ourselves and create the reality we want to live in.
A true masterpiece we all are.

So like life, like the universe itself, i move.

Nemanja Sonero
eMotion Alchemist