Know Your WHY

The reason i never gave up on following my dreams even tho there were millions of internal and external reasons often telling me to do so, is because i always knew my WHY.
Even today i fell into a moment of too much over polarising of HOW can I solve this, WHAT should i do, due to the difficult news i received. 
So I really had to breathe deeply and father myself, hold space to my own insecurities, used emotional sadness release, a pillow tantrum and finalise with a meditation and a hug with Nicole.
Once the channels were open again and i returned into my body, i could've again feel and move from the core of my WHY.
Cause My WHY is to inspire you
- to find a deep connection to your body
- to welcome your primal wild & free self
- to claim the safety & trust to be fully and unapologetically YOU
So the main reason i can be a Life & Soul Purpose Coach, Movement & Dance teacher, Soul essence Photographer is cause all of these core parts of me are motivated and inspired by my WHY. 
So no matter where were you are born, how messed up your family was, were you supported or not throughout your life, 
once you start moving from your WHY
once you start making decisions from your WHY 
once you start waking up from your WHY
once you start making love from your WHY 
once you start creating new projects from your WHY
your whole WHAT and HOW will become fearless and driven from purpose and not fear. 
Wish ya all a beautiful and creative day