Some of the worlds most renowned teachers, DJs and promoters joined together to create the Kizomba World Project and our mission for the summer of 2020 is to present the first ever BANGA Flash mob - International Kizomba Brotherhood.

This year the 4 amazing gentleman who will teach you this Kizomba & Kizomba Fusion choreography are:

How does it work ?

1) Connect with your dance school / friends, present the project and register through our website by sending us an email at 

The coordinator of each group has the responsibility to provide all information about time, date and place of the rehearsals and all other arrangements to all the participants.

You do not need to be a dance teachers to become a Coordinator to start this project with us. All you need is Passion for Kizomba and understanding of the main goal for the Flash Mob, which is to promote Kizomba around the world, connect with other dancers and have fun. 

There is no minimum or maximum number of participants.
There is no limit of how many teams are in the same city, but ideally would be for all the teams to join together for the official filming.
"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." African Proverb

- Choreography without music (Explanation)

- Choreography with music

The more you train, the better it is going to look like, so do your best to rehearse as often as possible .
The official Song of the flash mob is:
Nelson Freitas - Dominar 

After the choreo we made for you, you will Create YOUR OWN extra 32 beats as the 5th part, and add that to the choreo and the video.
Also the beginning of the video the first part before the choreo starts, you got 16 beats to create the starting positions. 

2) Choose the location for performing, preferably outdoors with many people around for better impact. If that is not possible, choose a location that you can organise.
Due to still existing quarantines, limitations and many people changing their plans, you are free to perform any day between 8 and 23 august.

3) Preferably the whole team should have the same costumes. Feel free to be creative and make your own unique style of dressing up with the team. 

4) Organise the filming with 2 cameras or 2 phones. The final edited video to be delivered should be minimum 1080p or maximum 4k format.
If you have an option to film with a drone or any other creative ideas for the second angle, be free to do it.
The deadline to deliver the video is 31 august, via or to
We DO NOT edit the videos, so please find someone who can help you with the editing. 
DO NOT post the videos of the flashmob until we first upload it to our youtube & facebook channel.
Short video clips of rehearsals or photos can be posted on social media during the time before the flash mob. All posted videos must tag the official WKP Facebook page, or the website, or instagram,

5) We have prepared TEAM PRIZES for the winners of each one of these 2 categories:
- The most BEAUTIFUL and CREATIVE costumes.
- The best FILMING & EDITING. 

6) The participation donation is minimum 5 euros for each dancer (you are free to donate more if you wish/can). Part of this donation goes to the support of the WKP along with the Charity of choice where we help people in need from across the globe. You will receive the Payment information after your official registration. 

BANGA International Men's Day Flashmob

We are brothers, friends, dancers, men, united and free.

Together supporting each others with empowerment and self-mastery Dancing and being the Kings that we are, with style.

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Watch Intro Video

Choreography Explanation

Watch Intro Video

Choreography with Music

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